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Customer Relationship Management for Realtors

By Lolly Spindler

Are Realtors utilizing the tools available to them to increase efficiency and productivity? A recent study by Software Advice (a free online resource for real estate CRM software) has revealed some insights into the Realtors that are and aren’t using customer relationship management (CRM) software. The survey, which used a sample of CRM buyers consisting of 78 percent real estate industry professionals and 22 percent people in the mortgage business, aimed to find the best CRM solutions for agencies and brokerages. Read on to learn about their findings and see where you fall.

customer relationship management

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5 Ways to Follow Up With Clients While Respecting Boundaries


Follow-up is obviously imperative to lead conversion, but it can often be tricky to determine how much correspondence is too much. You want to stay at the forefront of prospects’ minds without being overwhelming. You want to conduct background checks without appearing like a stalker. Here are some tips to help you follow up with clients with respect to boundaries.

drip don't dunk

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5 Warning Signs of Difficult Real Estate Clients [Infographic]


You should always be excited for new business, but some clients only waste your time and energy. Here are some warning signs of difficult real estate clients to watch out for… and what happens if you don’t!

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A 7 Step Guide to Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

By Lolly Spindler

You know what social media is, but what is social media marketing, you may ask? Social media marketing is basically harnessing the social interaction you’ve established on various platforms and turning it into website traffic. So, how exactly do you make the transition from just a social media presence to an effective social media marketing campaign? We’re here to answer just that.

Social Media Marketing

Step 1: Define and Find Your Audience

As a Realtor, it’s important to know your niche. If you haven’t already, define your niche by looking at the majority of the types of buyers and/or sellers you serve. Defining your audience, whether they be first time home buyers or real estate investors, will allow you to create content targeted specifically to them.

Once you define your target audience, find them online. First time home buyers may be more commonly found asking questions on forum sites like Reddit or Quora, trade-up buyers looking for remodeling ideas may gravitate towards picture-based sites like Pinterest, and real estate investors are most likely hoping to connect with like-minded individuals on

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Home Buyer Preferences by Ethnicity

By Lolly Spindler

There are some things all home buyers want, like a good price and a home that fits their needs, and some things they try to avoid, like damage to a house’s foundation or asbestos exposure. However, there is something to say about the differences in home preference when it comes to age, income, and ethnicity.

A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) called “What Home Buyers Really Want: Ethnic Preferences” analyzes how housing preferences are affected by the racial/ethnic background of the home buyer after controlling for factors like age and income. Their study focuses on African-American (non-Hispanic), White (non-Hispanic), Hispanic, and Asian buyers. The NAHB produced this report so that those in the real estate and home building industries could have:

…the most accurate and detailed information on what home buyers of these different racial/ethnic backgrounds really want, so that [professionals] can deliver the home (and community) their target market is looking for.

Some demographic findings of the report include that minority home buyers are younger than Caucasian buyers, to which the NAHB states: “This age difference can be largely explained by the fact that minority home buyers are more likely than White buyers to be first-time buyers, who are typically younger than trade-up buyers.”

So let’s take a look at demographic differences and home buyer preferences based on ethnicity.

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