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How to Be Successful in the Luxury Real Estate Market

By During a recent HouseHunt webinar with Joy Bender and Jack Cotton, we learned about breaking into and achieving success in the luxury real estate market. While Joy focused on breaking into luxury real estate, Jack gave us advice on how to be successful in the luxury market. In this article we’ll focus on Mr. Cotton’s contribution, reviewing his seven steps to luxury market success. Jack prefaced his presentation by reminding agents that they would meet some of the most interesting and accomplished people by working in the luxury real estate market, and that this would lead to some great connections. Jack himself has been working in the Cape Cod luxury market for over thirty years and has published three books on the subject. So, what are the secrets to Jack’s success? Below we review his seven step process.

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10 Customer Service Skills for Real Estate [Infographic]


Here are 10 customer service skills for real estate agents. Customer satisfaction is great, but customer loyalty is the best!

Customer Service

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15 Books for Real Estate Agents


The best way to learn more about what we’re interested in, and about ourselves in the process, is to read. Therefore, HouseHunt has put together a list of 15 books for real estate agents in order to help you further your real estate education.

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Hootsuite to Manage Real Estate Marketing


Social media is absolutely imperative to marketing in today’s world, especially for an industry like real estate.  Many various platforms serve unique purposes, and you can leverage all of them to make yourself a more successful agent.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little overwhelming.

Hootsuite is here to help.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that will help you manage all your various platforms. Using Hootsuite to manage real estate marketing could save you a lot of headaches. Today we’ll take a look at how it works and why it will help you in your own marketing endeavors. Seventy-nine of the Fortune 100 businesses manage their online presence with Hootsuite – it’s easy to see why you should hop on board, too.

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Impressing the Luxury Home Buyer Flowchart [Infographic]



In a recent HouseHunt webinar, luxury agent Joy Bender discussed how to break into the high-end of your real estate market. To read the full article about the material, click here. This image discusses the particulars on impressing the luxury home buyer. Click on the infographic to hear the webinar.

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