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Instagram for Realtors



Instagram is a great tool for showcasing photos of your properties, work environment and the surrounding community. With 150 million users, you have the opportunity to vastly increase your potential client base. Like Pinterest, it is completely picture based, with text limited to hashtags and descriptions of your shots. So, first things first: if you’re going to post photos on Instagram, sharpen your photo-taking skills. Learn how to photograph a property, what to capture and what to avoid.

Why Instagram for Realtors?

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San Francisco’s Holy Homes



Unusual homes are perfect for out-of-the-box buyers. Sometimes showing spaces that can be converted into one of a kind homes is just what a creative buyer is looking for. Whether it be an old barn, warehouse, fire tower, train car or grain silo, old buildings are finding new life as modern homes. One surge of such repurposing has been taking place in San Francisco, where you don’t just go to church on Sundays, you live there seven days a week.

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Agents: The “Next” Big Thing Is Already Here

Analysts are always trying to predict the next big trends in real estate. But in such a fickle marketplace, you may be better off making bets at a roulette table.

However, there seem to be a couple trends that have been growing for a while that most reputable players agree will only become more and more important. The thing about these trends, though—the reason they are such a safe bet—is that they’re not really new concepts at all.

The “next” big things in real estate are already the foundations of HouseHunt, and we’d like to share them with you.

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Pinterest for Realtors



So far we’ve covered how to flex your social media muscle on Facebook; now it’s time to turn the spotlight on Pinterest for Realtors. If you haven’t been on Pinterest yet, you’re missing out. Hours and hours of time can be lost scrolling through, repinning, sending and liking (pushing the cute, little heart button) a plethora of pictures. The site is all about the photographs, with text limited to short descriptions, hashtags and other’s repins and comments. This means you can take advantage of the visual appeal of the real estate business by posting pictures of your properties and garnering attention from 70 million potential clients.

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Park a Food Truck at Your Open House or Broker Preview


Food Truck

I know that if you search “food at open house” on Google you will find a slew of appetite-whetters to tantalize broker preview goers into showing your listing. Although homemade chocolate chip cookies are divine, taking them out of the oven right before you host a preview or open house (in order to achieve “maximum scent infusion,” according to HGTV) will only add to the stresses of preparing the property for an open house. So, in order to save yourself from the stress, mess and possible “It’s a bonfire scented plug-in” explanation associated with preparing treats in-house, why not call up a food truck?

Although this idea may seem a bit unconventional, there are multiple benefits to having the kitchen parked in the driveway.

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