App Highlight: Card Munch by LinkedIn

By Jaime Westman

Are you tired of carrying around an assortment of business cards in your wallet? Well then CardMunch is the solution for you. Acquired by LinkedIn in January 2011, CardMunch is a free iPhone app that allows you to take a photo of that business card you were given at that last mixer, which then gets sent to CardMunch’s tech support where someone manually types in the contact information listed on the card and stores it in the “CardFlow Mobile Rolodex.” This human element ensures that all the proper information will be inputted into the rolodex and not just auto populated by a computer. Your new contacts should appear in the rolodex within 24 hours.
Apps for Real Estate Agents
Since CardMunch is powered by LinkedIn, you can automatically connect to the business card holder through LinkedIn with the tap of a button. And you don’t have to worry about your new contacts cluttering up your address book as CardMunch features its own contacts section that is separate from your iPhone’s address book. And don’t even worry about losing your contacts as CardMunch will back up and sync your contacts on your web account. Continue reading “App Highlight: Card Munch by LinkedIn”

App Highlight: Bump

By Jaime Westman

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to share files, photos, and other documents with the help of a cloud based service, Bump is definitely an app that’s worth checking out.

Free for both the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, Bump is a free app that allows users to easily import their files from their phones to their computers, and vice-versa. Users can even gently “bump” their phones together and share their files that way too.
How is this app relevant to real estate agents? Think about it: no longer will you have to rely on your assistant to scan a document after it has been signed and then email it to you—that could take all day depending on his or her daily workload. If you just came back from taking a few quick photos of a new listing that just came on the market right before your appointment with your clients, you can easily share them with your clients just by bumping phones instead of uploading them onto your computer with a USB drive. And all you need is your smart phone and an Internet connection—talk about living in the future, right?

So how does Bump work? According to Bump, this is one of the more common questions. Here’s their response:

“There are two parts to Bump: the app running on your device and a smart matching algorithm running on our servers in the cloud. The app on your phone uses the phone’s sensors to literally “feel” the bump, and it sends that info up to the cloud. The matching algorithm listens to the bumps from phones around the world and pairs up phones that felt the same bump. Then we just route information between the two phones in each pair.”

Alright then, so how does one go about sharing files with someone else? Firstly, both parties have to have the Bump app on their phones. All you and the other person have to do is open the app on your respective smart phones and gently “fist bump” while holding your phones. Your phones should then vibrate, which will let you know that your phones are connecting and sending files from one phone to the other. To transfer files from your phone to your computer, all you have to do is “bump” your phone with the space bar on your keyboard.

This is an app that’s worth checking out whether you happen to work in real estate, own a business, or are a social butterfly that takes a lot of photos and takes forever sharing them with friends over social networking sites. What’s even better is that it’s free. It’s also worth mentioning that the makers of Bump (Bump Technologies) also created two other equally fantastic apps: Bump Pay and Flock.

Real estate professionals: have you tried Bump yet? What are your thoughts? Does Bump help streamline your day to day tasks? Sound off in our comments below, or send a tweet to @HouseHuntAgents!

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3 Reasons Why New Real Estate Agents Fail

By Jim Droz

Many seasoned real estate agents will tell you that they love their job and that it’s one of the most fulfilling careers out there. They will also tell you that it takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination to be successful.

A lot of times it can take years for agents to see results and despite that, many agents stick it out and make real estate their career until it’s time to retire. Oftentimes, however, many agents decide to leave the real estate field altogether for any number of reasons. But why is it that new real estate agents end up leaving the industry so early on in the game?

Here are 3 reasons why new real estate agents fail and end up leaving the business:
3 Reasons New Agents Fail
Continue reading “3 Reasons Why New Real Estate Agents Fail”

Bender and Aumann Earn Platinum Award at HouseHunt



Published by Jim Droz

“Over $160,000 Gross commissions came directly from my HouseHunt websites in 2012.” Joy Bender

by Wendy Durand

The Rob Aumann and Joy Bender team of Prudential California Realty has earned the company’s Chairman’s Circle Platinum award for their sales in 2012. The achievement ranks Aumann and Bender at the top one percent of more than 54,000 Prudential agents nationwide.

“Rob and Joy had an incredible year and I’m proud to honor them for their success,” said David M. Cabot, CEO of Prudential. “Their discretion and sense of responsibility to their clients have made them leaders in San Diego’s luxury real estate market.” Continue reading “Bender and Aumann Earn Platinum Award at HouseHunt”

5 Tips to Increase Real Estate Sales Production

By Jim Droz

Every now and then we’ll hear from agents that they are not too pleased with what they consider a mediocre level of sales production. They are always looking for ways to generate more business and earn more income, but we’ve wondered if they’re truly doing everything they can to increase production. This includes keeping in touch with their sphere of influence and past clients, building, marketing and maintaining their image within their territory, and offering top-tier service that builds repeat and referral business, as well as loyal customers.

To ensure that you won’t go into a slump, here are five tips to create a system that will help you build and increase real estate sales production for your real estate business.
Sell more real estate

Take the Time to Go Door to Door

Oftentimes we take face to face communication for granted and rely too heavily on smart phones, high speed Internet access, and instant gratification. Going door to door serves as an excellent method to reconnect with your neighbors. Schedule at least an hour every day to go door to door and introduce your product (you!) and your services. This will be a good way to make contact with potential clients who will use your services in the future when they are ready to buy or sell their home. Plan out in advance by scheduling specific days and times that you will be door knocking and commit to it. Be prepared to do this for the next six months.

Build a Database

After you’ve finished your door knocking duties for the day, take the names, addresses and other contact information that you have collected from the day and put them into your database or spreadsheet. (Quick tip: If you have an iPad or a tablet handy you can easily input your new clients’ contact information right on the spot). Be sure to regularly contact the people in your database by sending them monthly newsletters and emails reminding them who you are, your services, and what you can do for them throughout the duration of your real estate career. You should also do the same with clients you have worked with in the past.

Project a Successful Image 

You’ve already achieved quite a bit of success so utilize that success by marketing it. An easy way to go about this is by using your Listings, Listings Sold, Buyers Searching, and Buyers Closed to create press releases, update and send out newsletters, and advertise. Marketing your image and maintaining brand awareness is an integral part to increasing production and ensuring long-term success.

Improve Your Services

There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to providing optimal service to your new and returning clients. Always take note of your clients’ needs and make the effort to meet their demands and exceed their expectations. Additionally, are there any ways you can streamline the way you do your job? Are you using the latest technological tools and apps to make the home search easier? Always be on the lookout for new ways in which you can perform your job more efficiently.

Don’t Be Shy

Some agents are nervous about asking their clients for referrals, but it doesn’t have to be a stomach churning experience. Make it a part of your business by regularly reminding your past clients that one of the best compliments you can ever receive is a referral as it is a testament that your clients are satisfied with the services you have provided and it shows credibility on your part. You can also take the extra step and ask your past clients to put in a good word for you by writing a testimonial that details their experience in having you as their Realtor.

By taking these appropriate steps you will be well on your way to securing a system that will increase productivity and production. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get started!


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How to Compete and Win against an All Cash Buyer

By Jim Droz

Now that the housing market is back on the rebound, many buyers are realizing that the time is ripe to purchase a home. Many first-time homebuyers are ready to look for their dream home, but something is amiss. A lot of buyers are having a hard time buying—why is that? The answer may surprise you.

We surveyed our member agents across the country for our recent market conditions reports and in certain areas of the U.S., about 86% of the areas are reporting low inventories, leading to many offers on the table when a listing hits the market. But what is most surprising is that buyers now have to compete against all cash buyers and in today’s market, all cash buyers are king.
Competing with All Cash Buyers Continue reading “How to Compete and Win against an All Cash Buyer”