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Month: April 2013

App Highlight: Hey Tell

By Jaime Westman

Remember when we were kids how much fun we used to have with walkie talkies? Well we can now relive those simpler days of communication with the help of HeyTell, a free cross-platform app that is available for iPhones, Android devices, and Windows phones.

As someone who works in the Real Estate business you’re probably wondering how HeyTell would be beneficial to you. Simply put, you’re basically turning your smart phone into a skinny walkie talkie! Fun right?

Let’s say you’re a Realtor who is always on the run and you’re working with several clients at the same time. As much as you want to, you don’t have time to sit and talk at length with every client. That’s where HeyTell will come in handy.

With HeyTell you can record short, concise messages for those times when you can’t spend an hour on the phone while you’re out running errands, or you’re just not in the mood to stop what you’re doing and text message an entire novel to your Broker. You can even send a quick message to an entire group, like your buyers, their lender, and your assistant.

HeyTell works on any Internet connection, including 3G and 4G, uses little if not less data than sending an email, and best of all, is free. So long as you and your team have all downloaded the HeyTell app, you’re already one step closer to streamlining your work day.

Hey! Tell us what you think about HeyTell! Have you tried it? Do you think it’s helped your real estate business? Would you recommend it to other agents, or do you think it’s just a novelty app? Sound off in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you.

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How Instagram Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

By Jaime Westman

Have you ever wondered how a photo based social media platform like Instagram can be beneficial for your real estate business? You’re not alone and in fact, Instagram can serve as a fantastic, visual way to market your real estate business and brand.

Highlighting listing photos

People love photos, especially if they’re aesthetically appealing and can quickly provide ample information at a glance. Instagram is great for highlighting hot properties and listing photos, and let’s face it—who doesn’t enjoy looking at pictures of pretty houses? We sure do!

Here are a few listings photos that we have highlighted in the past on our HouseHunt Instagram account:

Instagram for Realtors
The Hutton House Estate in Beverly Hills, California, $37.5 million

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App Highlight of the Week: Expensify

By Jaime Westman

Everyone knows that keeping track of receipts can be a real pain—they’re everywhere and it’s like they keep multiplying in your wallet. It’s even more of a hassle having to keep receipts when you’re on a business trip. Luckily there’s an app that can help you keep track of all your receipts without having to physically keep them until the end of the trip. Business professionals, real estate agents and brokers, it’s time to download Expensify.

A free app that’s available for the iPhone, Windows phone, Androids, and the BlackBerry, Expensify is touted as “Expense management for everyone, from individuals and contractors, to small businesses and the enterprise.”

Expensify allows you to keep track of all your transactions made on your debit or credit card and organize them by customizable categories. You can even add tags and comments.

How does Expensify do all of this? With the help of your smartphone, it’s super easy. All you have to do is take a snapshot of your receipts by clicking on the SmartScan button, which then uploads the image to your Expensify account. Expensify will then file your receipts, filling in all the expense details or linking it with the appropriate credit card expense.

That’s it! You can create an expense list manually on the go or by snapping a photo, sort it by mileages, trips or by the hour, create charts and analytics, and import and export expenses to a spreadsheet. Keeping track of your expenses has never been so easy, and what’s even better, it gives you the opportunity to go paperless.

According to their site, Expensify is free for unlimited use for individuals and contractors, and there are affordable pricing plans for companies ranging from $5-$10 per user per month.

Let us know what you think—have you or are you currently using Expensify? Are you on board or do you know of another option where it’s easy to keep track of all your business expenses?

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Building Your Business by Engaging on LinkedIn

By Jaime Westman

If you’re in the business of networking with other professionals, whether in real estate, mortgages, or even with a start-up company, building a presence on social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest is a must. What better way to quickly build credibility and gain recognition for your business than by engaging with the masses on a public forum?

LinkedIn, if you’re not already familiar with it, is “the world’s largest professional network with 200 million members in 200 countries and territories around the globe.” That’s 200 million members to get your brand across, pretty amazing right?
LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents
But how does one go about engaging with other like minded professionals? Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you get started:

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App Highlight: DocuSign

By Jaime Westman

Is your real estate business on its way to going the paperless route? With the help of apps like DocuSign and DocuSign Ink, going green and paperless has never been easier. Why bother carrying around an assortment of papers and contracts when you can lighten your load by carrying around just your smart phone or tablet?

According to their website, DocuSign is the fastest, most secure way to sign, send, and store documents in the cloud. Whether you need to close a sales contract, buy a home or approve a project estimate, trust DocuSign, the most widely used eSignature.” And what’s even better is that DocuSign’s mobile app, DocuSign Ink, is available for three different smart phone platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows 8, making it easily accessible for professionals and business owners everywhere.

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