40 Pinterest Board Ideas for Real Estate Professionals


The HouseHunt team just loves Pinterest. It drives a ton of referral traffic to our blog and is a great place to get inspired! Therefore, we thought we’d share 40 Pinterest board ideas for real estate professionals. Check out what types of boards can and will get you noticed!

pinterest boards for realtors

  1. Advice/Tips for Buying a Home: Pin information (articles, infographics) relevant to buying a home (advice for first time home buyers, moving tips, etc).
  2. Advice/Tips for Homeowners: Pin information relevant to owning a home (how to be more energy efficient, what color to paint your home interior, etc).
  3. Advice/Tips for Selling a House: Pin information relevant to the home selling process (what to disclose, selling costs, etc).
  4. Architecture and Modern Design: Architecture boards are great for all of those interested in the design world. Pin beautiful pictures of wonderfully crafted homes you find around the web.
  5. Bathroom/Powder Rooms: Give clients ideas for when they remodel their home.
  6. Best Restaurants: Pin photos of the best restaurants in your area!
  7. Blog Posts: With all of that original content you’re creating, it’s important to drive traffic to it. Now, with Pinterest’s Rich Pins for Articles, it’s a lot easier to have your article pins look professional and get more clicks.
  8. Celebrity Real Estate: People love their pop culture, so indulge them! Post pictures of stars’ beautiful homes.
  9. Color Combos: There’s nothing better than colors that go great together. Pin pictures of great color combinations, whether in a home or on a palette (check out Design Seeds).
  10. Community Events: Highlight community events in your area.
  11. Current Listings: Pin photos of your current listings.
  12. Dining Rooms: Pin pictures of dining rooms that may give your clients inspiration for their own homes.
  13. Doors: There are some beautiful doors out there in the world. Pin them.
  14. Dream Homes: Pin homes you wish you could live in!
  15. Fitness Clubs: Let people know where to go to work out in your community.
  16. Food/Recipes: Although not 100 percent real estate-related, a lot of eating happens in the home, and pinners love pictures of food!
  17. Friendly Neighborhoods: Highlight the friendliest local neighborhoods.
  18. Garden Ideas: Great landscaping can do a lot for a home’s curb appeal. Inspire your clients with this board!
  19. Hiking Trails: Highlight local hiking trails with pins of your latest adventures!
  20. Holiday Boards: Create boards for upcoming holidays and pin decorating ideas for the home.
  21. Home Décor: This is somewhat of a buzz phrase on Pinterest, being one of the most popular boards. Post home décor ideas that you find appealing.
  22. Home Improvement: Pin pictures of home improvement projects, ideas and infographics.
  23. Infographics: Pin real estate-related infographics to this board.
  24. Kids’ Rooms: Great for clients with young children. Pin room, playroom and even outdoor ideas for kids.
  25. Kitchens: Pin photos of kitchens you find breathtaking.
  26. Life Hacks: These aren’t as popular as they once were, but people still love them!
  27. Living Rooms: Pin pictures of gorgeous living rooms, whether from the MLS or other pinners.
  28. Local Attractions: Highlight local parks, museums, lakes, entertainment venues, etc.
  29. Local Shopping Malls: Show people where they can go to spend some dough!
  30. Luxury Homes: Have any luxury listings? Pin them here!
  31. Man Caves: People love to pin awesome ideas for man caves.
  32. Market Reports: Pin information relevant to your local real estate market conditions.
  33. Money/Cost Saving Tips: Pin information about how your clients can save money.
  34. Moving Tips: Pin advice about different moving methods and how to pack efficiently.
  35. Organization: Pinners love creative ideas to help get them more organized around the home.
  36. Pools: Pictures of pools are always successful on Pinterest. Once again, pin from the MLS, other pinners, or from the web.
  37. Schools: Pin information and pictures about schools in your community.
  38. Seasonal Boards: Pin pictures of your local area in the spring, fall, winter and summer, along with seasonal ideas for the home.
  39. Sports: Pin photos of local sports teams, whether regional or national, amateur or professional.
  40. Windows: This board will be great for clients looking to replace, redesign, or refinish windows or add window treatments.

When it comes to placement, you can put your boards in alphabetical order or group them by local boards, educational boards, home boards, etc. To make pinning from around the web easier, you can install the Pin It button as a Google Chrome Extension or install it on whatever browser you have.

It’s also important to join or create group boards. These can draw a lot more attention, likes, and repins to your original pins, which becomes especially beneficial when they link to your website!

Have fun and happy pinning!

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