How to Farm for Listings: Host a Neighbors Only Open House

By Jim Droz

Hosting an Open House

Admit it, you’ve been one of those “nosey neighbors” or “looky-loos” who checked out an open house just because you were curious—who hasn’t? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact, some Realtors welcome looky-loos. Most Realtors know that hosting an open house is an excellent opportunity to meet prospective buyers and sellers, and also serves as a fantastic way to farm listings. Two birds with one stone, right?

So how can you turn these looky-loos into potential clients during your next open house? Easy, by hosting a “neighbors only open house.”
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App Highlight of the Week: Slydial

By Jaime Westman

Let’s say you’re about to go in to a late meeting with your clients and you just realized that you completely forgot to make those reservations to that nice Italian restaurant downtown. You only have a few minutes before they get to your office and your assistant is on the other line following up with leads. How can you deliver the message without interrupting her calls? Easy—Slydial it.
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A New Spin on Farming: How One Agent Created 6 Listing Opportunities

By Jim Droz

Many listings start to come out on the market in February, a trend that we’ve seen time and again, year after year. It’s the start of a new year, new beginnings, and many people are ready to make changes. The difference between now and many years past is that most agents aren’t utilizing all their resources to farm their prospective clients. As an agent, are you going the extra mile by marketing to sellers? This includes targeting absentee owners, which surprisingly enough, is a market that many agents don’t tap into.

Real Estate Agents Farm

When you think about farming for listings, do you think of it in terms of location (knocking on doors in specific neighborhoods, subdivisions or housing tracts), staying in touch with past prospects, or networking within your sphere of influence? Let us show you how one agent creatively farmed for listings by targeting absentee owners. Continue reading “A New Spin on Farming: How One Agent Created 6 Listing Opportunities”

6 Fabulous Closing Gift Ideas

By Jim Droz

Awhile back we talked about how closing gifts are a great way to remind your clients of the positive experience they had with you as their Realtor. We also talked about how personal touches matter when finding the perfect gift and to also consider how much you should spend, somewhere along the lines of 1% of the final sales price of the home.

We’re firm believers in giving our clients closing gifts that are personalized and come from the heart. We’ve compiled a list of a few closing gift ideas that can get the ball rolling. Just remember to always listen to your clients to get a feel for their interests. If they’re really hard to read, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to the restaurant of their choice or to Home Depot or Lowes if you know they’re planning on making renovations to their new home.

6 FABULOUS closing gift ideas

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Using Technology to Enhance Your Real Estate Business

By Jaime Westman

Most if not all real estate agents attribute their success to hard work and good old fashioned customer service, with many more agents investing their money in outside services and technology to help improve their business.

As real estate professionals, it’s in your best interest to utilize the goldmine of technology to ensure that your business will float high above the waters of today’s market and above the competition. Here are 5 ideas on how you can incorporate technology into your real estate business so that you can achieve the goals of your clients and improve the longevity of your brand.

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