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Month: December 2012 (Page 1 of 2)

What Commission Do You Charge?

By Jim Droz

Have you ever taken a call or received an e-mail and heard or read the following:

“We’re thinking of selling our home. How much commission do you charge?”

If so, did you know what to say? Did you get an appointment to do a consultation? Did you get the listing?

If you respond to that type of question incorrectly you can either lose the opportunity or lose a substantial amount of the possible commission to be earned. Knowing how to respond can be the difference between having a new listing on next week’s caravan or just spending the morning viewing other agent’s listings.

Charging commission for real estate services

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Building a Pipeline for Short-Sale Listings

By Jim Droz

Generate Short Sale Listings

If you’re not a player in the short-sale or REO marketplace, now is the time to get in the game. It often takes practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it, the methods can be good for your business now and in the future.

Let’s focus on a technique that can lead to a pipeline of short-sale listings. It involves targeting specific groups of homeowners with a blanket mailer. The letter should focus on solving financially related, homeownership issues with goals of giving the distressed homeowner hope and creating an image that makes you the agent to call.

Start with a title that encourages the recipient to continue reading. Such as:

“If you’re struggling to make your house payments, I’ll tell you your best possible options.”

The first paragraph should introduce its purpose. For example:

“Terms such as foreclosure, auction, default, trustee sale and short sale are prevalent these days. Of those, a short sale results in the best-case scenario for the seller, the bank and the economy.”

Then introduce distressed homeowners to their options, which include:

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Agent Sharpens Skills to Keep Up with Growth

By Jim Droz

Realtor Steve Davis

Realtor Steve Davis said it’s been a good year for business in McKinney, Texas, a suburban community 20 miles north of downtown Dallas. There has been lots of activity on the housing market, which has been partly spurred by people moving to the area because of new business opportunities and job transfers.

“I’m seeing quite a bit of activity, and our inventory is down significantly,” Davis said about the housing market. “Prices have gone up some, but some people are still waiting to see what’s going to happen with the economy and to see if prices will go even higher.”

Multiple offers are happening if houses are priced right, he said, and houses are staying on the market about 30 days fewer than they were a year ago.

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E-Signatures A Sign of the Times

By Jaime Westman


Technology is usually so fast-paced that products are updated before some people even know they exist. But that’s not the case with electronic signatures, which have been around for more than 10 years but continue to be feared, loathed or misunderstood.

Perhaps the real estate industry can change that because they appear to be gaining in popularity despite some documents still not being accepted without a pen-and-paper signature. But as e-signatures and other aspects of a paperless transaction gain traction it will be imperative for agents to know how they work. Just as checkbooks have given way to debit cards and online purchasing, e-signatures will start to become socially acceptable by more people who might soon expect transactions to be handled in that fashion.

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Agent Celebrates Cheer, Reconnects with Sphere


Atlanta Real Estate Agent Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen Vanaken knows that staying active with clients past and present at the end of the year will provide her with some momentum heading into 2013. But the agent who works in the Atlanta metropolitan area might need a break when the calendar year turns because she’s putting a dent in the theory that November and December are slow times for real estate agents.

“We kind of started getting slammed Oct. 1 and it hasn’t stopped,” she said. “I am so busy, which is a great thing. But regardless, I always find this time of year to be so much fun. It’s a great time to stay in touch and build up your contact list moving forward.”

Vanaken enjoys using the long holiday season to reconnect with her sphere, take former clients out to lunch, meet them for shopping trips or drop by their house or business with a small gift.

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