Introducing an Introduction to Yelp!

By Jaime Westman

I recently stayed at a nice resort and, when checking out, was asked about my stay. Everything was impeccable and I told the person that. A couple days later I got an e-mail that again thanked me for my visit and included a friendly nudge to write something positive about my stay on Yelp or another review site.

I thought it odd that such a hotel would solicit comments from guests, but I guess that’s the way of the world these days. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular way for real estate agents to get noticed as well. Obviously, good reviews can attract new clients but a bad review, or someone trying to manipulate the system, could have the opposite effect because it’s difficult to get negative reviews removed, no matter your reasoning.

So is it a good move or bad? Since I think the majority of people have good intentions, I’ll take the high road. So if you’re thinking about starting a Yelp business account or are looking for ways to boost the one you have, here are some things to keep in mind:

    Fill out your profile with relevant personal information and all of your business and office information, especially phone numbers, websites and other social media sites where you have a presence. And be sure to add a professional head shot or picture of you helping clients if possible. Continue reading Introducing an Introduction to Yelp!

6 Quick Tips for Selling During the Holidays

By Jim Droz

Selling During the Holidays

The holidays are all about tradition, family and feelings of warmth. Buying or selling a house typically isn’t on that list but circumstances and emergencies don’t follow a calendar, so the task sometimes can’t be avoided this time of year.

The good news for buyers is that there’s less competition, so finding the right price might be easier. For sellers, there’s more of a captive audience because people looking for houses during the holidays tend to be serious and not just browsing. Real estate agents who have sellers on their holiday list can do a number of things to help the transition go smoother for one and all before and while the house is being shown.

    Hang a festive wreath on the front door and make sure a fresh welcome mat is visible before people step inside. If you’re in a warm-weather climate, potted or planted poinsettias near the entrance can be both decorative and evoke a warm holiday feeling. Continue reading 6 Quick Tips for Selling During the Holidays

Don’t be Shy on Social Networks

By Jaime Westman

social media for real estate
There were 300,000 tweets a minute during the recent election’s peak hours, which shows the power and scope of social media. Even President Barack Obama’s first message to the public after learning of his re-election was on Twitter to his 23 million followers. We mere mortals can’t possibly attract that much attention, but using every device at our fingertips to generate leads is something all agents should be doing. Concentrating on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a good start, so here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your profile on those sites.


    • On your profile page, make sure your company link takes users to your business Facebook page. It’s another good way to drive traffic there.

Continue reading Don’t be Shy on Social Networks

Coach’s Playbook to Winning at Team Lead Conversion

By Jim Droz

I love team sports because of the camaraderie, but competition is often the word associated with real estate agents as they battle for leads. Being part of a team has its benefits, however, as long as everyone follows the game plan, which is where a good broker or manager helps a lot.

Donna Forrest-Johnston has been in that role since 2002 in a RE/MAX office in Charlotte, N.C. Her small team has mostly stayed together since that time, so she’s obviously doing something right.

“The challenge for me or anyone else in the role when it comes to building a team is hiring the right people,” Johnston said. “For me, what works best is to find people who have never sold real estate so I can train them to work Internet leads and handle buyers the way I want them to. Selling real estate is a different dynamic than almost any other job, and that’s especially true now because the way people find us and learn about us has changed so rapidly in the past couple years.”

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Save Time by Spending Time With A CMS

Published by Jim Droz

With all we have to do these days, a helping hand would be handy, right? Contact management systems (CMS) can provide that through a combination of automation and organization. There’s a cost involved, so care should be taken when selecting software or a company, but, when done right, a good system can handle the minutiae so we can concentrate on our clients. Here are things a good contact management system can do and how can you best utilize its services:

Be Nurturing

Browsers on your website aren’t always prepared to buy, but constant contact through a variety of drip marketing plans can convert lookers into leads that ultimately will hire you if you have a system in place that keeps them informed and you on the front burner.

Keep in Touch

Everyone likes to get upbeat notes on special dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or move-in dates. A contact management system can keep track of those things, as well as a client’s hobbies or interests, so you can continue to build a relationship before, during or after the transaction.

Hit the Target

You can save yourself time and money by targeted segments of your database and sending them information and listings that pertain to their search parameters and interests. This also cuts down on bulk and mass mailings that tend to irritate people rather than help them. Continue reading Save Time by Spending Time With A CMS

Kindle Fire: Streamline the Way You Work

By Jaime Westman

Which Tablet is Right for You? Kindle Fire Edition

You wouldn’t necessarily think of using the Kindle Fire as a business tool, but aside from the terrific entertainment features, apps and unlimited Amazon cloudstorage, imagine our surprise when we learned that the Kindle Fire can hold its own in the tablet market for everyday business use.

Think of the Kindle Fire as an extension to your desktop computer or laptop. This tablet is reliable and easier to work on as opposed to depending on your smart phone and just as versatile out in the field so long as you’re able to get a good Wi-Fi signal.

The Kindle Fire runs off the Android operating system, giving you access to all of the apps available in the Android app store. Albeit not as extensive as the iTunes store, realtors, business owners, and professionals in general will find that the Android store offers a number of useful apps that help with productivity, such as ezPDF Reader, Exchange Touchdown, Evernote, and Quick Office Pro. Continue reading Kindle Fire: Streamline the Way You Work