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Beginning to Blog for Real Estate Agents

By Jaime Westman

If you’ve heard that blogging is essential to your marketing plan but haven’t put fingers to keyboard yet, perhaps you need a nudge. Pardon my elbows, but here goes. This idea came to me after I was alerted to a series of webinars focusing on real estate blogging. The first – surprise! – was on getting started.

Generally, there are two types of posts – those geared toward peers and others targeting consumers. The style, language, content and professionalism will vary according to the intended audience. You can be a little edgier and use inside terms when writing for other professionals but that might not work for the general public. It’s always a good idea, however, to have good sentence and paragraph structure and to be as professional as possible. Once posted, your words are out there, and typos and improper grammar won’t reflect well on you no matter your intentions or target audience.

Other tidbits to keep in mind:

Read all about it: Before you write, read what other agents are blogging about. Don’t do this to copy them but to get ideas and to see what styles are effective. Also, if you’re a fan of certain magazine writers or other bloggers figure out why that is and try to emulate those styles as best you can.

Reel them in: You have about 10 seconds to capture the imagination of a reader, so putting some words or sentences in bold type will at least get important words noticed. If that proves to be captivating they’ll likely

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Buyer Strategies in Tightening Markets

Published by Jim Droz

Tight inventory is putting the squeeze on homebuyers who are jumping into the market after finally seeing positive signs of a housing recovery. Talk about your good news, bad news situation. That means it’s time for the talk. You know, the one where you have to be blunt with clients who will be competing with a host of other buyers, including cash-wielding investors.

“The poor buyer’s agents, which I mostly am, have to be super aggressive,” said Jackie Cartwright, a Realtor in the Las Vegas area. “They have to coach their clients from the start about what to expect and find out how comfortable they are doing certain things.”

Some of those things might be asking clients to offer twice the earnest money deposit or asking for no closing costs or HOA fees. Having them prepared to offer more than the listing price also is being done a lot in Nevada’s Clark County, which has about a third of the listings compared to a year ago but nearly the same number of closings.

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How to Tether Your iPhone, iPad for Internet Anywhere

By Jaime Westman

If you’re like me, you’re tethered to your mobile devices. As agents, we have to be, right? So when I try to use my iPad in a non-WiFi hotspot and find it useless, it can be frustrating, to say the least.

What to do? More tethering, of course – if possible. Some smartphones have the capability to act as a mobile hotspot that supplies Internet access to nearby computers, tablets and other devices. The phones connect to a mobile data network and then act as a Wi-Fi router to send bandwidth to nearby clients. That’s good news for multi-tasking agents who don’t want to drive around looking for a public Wi-Fi hotspot and who don’t want to add to their device stockpile by buying another product. The bad news?

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Managing Your Online Reputation

By Jaime Westman

Our reputation is on the line at all times in the real estate world. That’s even truer today with it being online in multiple platforms and being dissected in many formats. How we handle our business and conduct ourselves has always been scrutinized, but now it’s available to a wider audience with a simple click of a mouse. So it’s important to monitor our online reputation and business and make sure both are displayed in the best light. Internet and blogging tools have made it easy for prospects and clients to voice their opinions, which could be aimed at us. A recent Webinar pointed out ways to ensure that our reputation doesn’t take a hit. Here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

Research Yourself

Conducting periodic Internet searches will help you find out what’s being said about you, if anything. Go to a search engine and type “your name and city,” “your name and business,” “your name and real estate” or “your name and real estate review” to see what pops up. You can also check review sites such as Yelp or Craigslist to see if anything is listed there.

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