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Month: September 2012 (Page 1 of 2)

Get More Bang for Your Bucks When it Comes to Online Advertising

By Jaime Westman

Standing out in a crowded field could be determined by how we spend our online advertising dollars. Everyone wants to get noticed, but not all sites and delivery systems are able to do that. Expanding our businesses and brands is important these days, which is why I listened in on a recent webinar for a refresher course in ideas.


This is a huge concept when it comes to marketing yourself. If you share a page, site or space with other Realtors, your recognition factor shrinks a great deal. You want to be able to showcase your skills and ideas without sharing the spotlight with others, so here are some things to keep in mind:

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Stellar Social Media Practices

By Jaime Westman

There are a lot of social media networks available to promote you and your business. Some work better with real estate-related topics than others, but three of the biggies that work with anything are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

One of the best things about those three is their versatility because you can you use them individually or jointly to engage your audience, build a community, generate leads, create business and stay in touch with current and past clients. In addition, Facebook and Twitter are great for letting people help you spread the word. A recent webinar touched on a few of the ways agents can connect with consumers using these networks.


  • Grammar is important, especially on your business page. We live in a world moving toward texting, but business situations still call for full words and complete sentences.
  • Keep the message short. Facebook is set up for interaction and sharing, and people will be more likely to do that if something is clever or to the point.
  • Show your personality. Buying or selling a house can be stressful, so if people see that you’re someone they can be comfortable with, they’re more likely to contact you.
  • Be consistent. Posting a status update, tidbit or photo doesn’t take long, so doing one of those things daily is a good idea.
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NAR Launches Political Candidate Training Academy

Published by Jim Droz

If you like watching CNBC and C-SPAN more than ESPN and A&E, the National Association of Realtors has an initiative to help you hone your political chops if a run for public office ever grabs your fancy.

Launched a few months ago, the Candidate Training Academy was developed to give Realtors and industry-friendly candidates an introduction to how to run for elected office. It’s intended to give candidates a head start if they choose such a patch on the local, state or national level, in addition to supplying information on how to run a campaign.

The NAR says that while the academy is focused on the process of helping candidates win campaigns, issues related to real estate obviously are important to the group as well. That’s especially true in late 2012 and moving forward as the housing industry starts to recover and is seen as one of the engines to re-cranking up the U.S. economy.

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Short Sales Grow Business for Phoenix Agent

Published by Jim Droz

Numbers are an important part of real estate, with prices, closings, commissions, fees, interest rates and the like adding up to potential angst. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to reach certain goals that we lose track of our main mission. So why not disregard the numbers and do what you do best? You might be surprised how quickly your transactions pile up without the added burden of expectations.

Kathleen Bliss Porter, an agent in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, decided about four years ago to start concentrating on short sales as her primary way of doing business. Part of that was reality because of the housing situation in Arizona and part of it was she saw an opportunity to help struggling homeowners and to do something many other agents were reluctant to try.

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How to Create Compelling Content Marketing

By Jaime Westman

A new buzzword among agents is content marketing, which basically means creating and distributing materials that will get you noticed. The goal is to attract, acquire, engage and drive consumers to your website, office and in the front door of a new home … with you holding the keys, of course.

Think of traditional marketing as talking at people and content marketing as talking with them. If you treat it like a conversation, your potential clients will be more engaged and, once a relationship is built, you can subtly start the process of working with them.

The goals of content marketing should be:

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