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Month: June 2012 (Page 1 of 2)

Listing Tips to Attract Buyers

Published by Jim Droz

Think about one of your favorite books. What do you like about it? Chances are it’s descriptions that paint a mental picture or put you inside a character’s mind.

We live in a visual world but the written word still has power. How you and your client list a home is a good example. Showing photos or posting a video are good ideas, but how you describe a room, special feature or the neighborhood can go a long way toward piquing a buyer’s interest. A sharp turn of a phrase might get a prospect in the door, whereas a dull description could keep them from even stopping by.

While a house listing isn’t a novel (and keeping things tight is important), you’re still trying to catch the eye of a specific audience. Here are some ways to get that done:

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Posting on Google+

By Jaime Westman

Our circle of friends expands and tightens over time, from childhood, high school and college to new neighbors, friends and business colleagues. Google Plus has a way for you to keep up and modify that circle with a feature called – drum roll, please – circles. The feature is intended for you to share content with the right people and follow content posted by people you find interesting or are familiar with.

No one in a circle can see who else is in the circle, and they also don’t know what you’ve named the circle or how many other people are in it. In fact, the people in these circles might not even know they’re in one. It sounds cloak and dagger, but circles are sort of like a friends list on Facebook or private Twitter lists. The good thing for agents is that you can create a Real Estate circle that deals with – again with the drum – real estate issues and topics, and people don’t have to “like” you or get a “friend” approval to be in your circle and see what’s being posted.

So if you use Google Plus like Facebook for your business you’re not getting its full value. By grouping people in circles you can share items of interest to specific people. Where you went on vacation or where you ate last night will only be of interest (maybe) to a Friend or Family circle. A person in your Real Estate circle could care less about that but would be interested in reports, tips, pointers and success stories about the business.

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Hiring Ghostwriters


I’ve always liked to write and, even though I have the gift for gab (or so I’m told), I’m comfortable expressing myself via the written word. But some people aren’t so they shun that type of communication, which can really stifle your business message in today’s texting, blogging and social media world.

While it’s important to get out in public and display your people skills whenever possible, social media is here to stay so developing a knack for blogging or electronic communication is crucial to stay ahead – or at least keep pace – with the competition.

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Pretty Woman

By Jaime Westman

There’s a good chance Julia Roberts won’t be one of your real estate clients. If she was, though, you’d likely go to great lengths to secure – and keep – her business. A scene from one of her movies points out, however, that you should treat all potential clients the same because you never know what could happen. Remember the portion of “Pretty Woman” when Roberts’ character was snubbed by a clerk at a high-end boutique because of her appearance and unpolished dialogue? That clerk was later embarrassed when Roberts returned to the store carrying shopping bags with a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise inside because she was treated differently at a store down the street.

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Pro-tip: Work for your Referral

Published by Jim Droz

Word of mouth is becoming a lost phrase in our world of pushing keys and buttons. But getting referrals from satisfied clients remains a crucial factor for Realtors as they build a pipeline of prospects and future business associates.

A word-of-mouth recommendation comes with a seal of approval and carries more weight because it’s unsolicited and not seen as a typical marketing ploy. If you have such testimonials from past clients, putting a few on your website might help increase inquiries and get you more business.

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