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North Carolina agent finds instant success with HouseHunt

By Jim Droz

Donna Varnum hit the ground running when she signed up with HouseHunt by turning the first lead she received into a sale.

“It was good timing, to say the least,” said Varnum, who works out of a RE/MAX office in Morristown, N.C., while concentrating on the college town of Chapel Hill. “He stated his interests and I told him I could help him out since he didn’t know his way around. I pointed out a house I thought he’d like, and he loved it. The rest is history.”

Varnum’s history in the real estate business spans a little more than three years, with only the past month being in the HouseHunt system. She has used other lead-generating services, but when she felt it was time for a change she did her research and talked to other Realtors and “HouseHunt kept coming up as a good company.”

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End of year is a great time to build prospects for upcoming year

By Jim Droz

Realtors are in the fourth quarter of what’s been another roller-coaster year for housing in many parts of the country. But this isn’t the time to sit back and assess the damages or reap the rewards of the year to date, depending on your circumstances.

The following item, written by Jim Droz, a successful Realtor who writes tips for various HouseHunt newsletters, points out the importance of the final few months of each year for real estate agents:

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Veteran agent gets boost from HouseHunt in return to business

By Jaime Westman

Dennis Glavin has 20 years of experience as a real estate agent, but he felt like a newcomer when he jumped back into the business in March after a three-year hiatus.

“It was like starting all over again,” Glavin said. “I felt like a brand-new agent, and if it wasn’t for HouseHunt I don’t think I’d be working with many people.”

Glavin, who concentrates on a number of communities in Washington’s Clark County, including Camas and Washougal, said 90 percent of his leads come from HouseHunt. He already has had two closings, has three in escrow and is actively showing homes to “eight to 10 people.”

He said he likes the quantity and quality of leads he has been getting through the HouseHunt pipeline. Once he gets a lead, he calls the prospect immediately and adds customers to his TIM system on a daily basis.

“It takes a few calls and e-mails, but once they feel comfortable, things seem to progress,” Glavin said. “My goal, and that of my lender, is to close two a month with HouseHunt leads, and we think we’re going to be able to do that once we get things going here.”

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Third-quarter survey shows increased activity, flat selling prices

By Jim Droz

Homebuyers pumped up the volume in the third quarter of 2011 but only a few areas of the country made any noise when it came to an increase in selling price.

With mortgage rates at record lows and a drastic reduction in home prices the past few years, many potential buyers on the fence appear to be reconciled to the current conditions and are making a move on houses in some locations.

“I think the economy has been down long enough that people know where it is, and if they have the money to do something, they realize that the pricing’s not bad and that now is the time they should act,” said Lou Ulery, a real estate agent who works the West Palm Beach and Delray Beach areas of Florida. “The pricing hasn’t gone up much but there are more sales.”

Ulery, one of several HouseHunt agents surveyed about third-quarter conditions, said that his area of Florida attracts investors and people looking for second homes. He added that the average time a house remains listed on the market is between four and five months.

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Southern California agent happy with association with HouseHunt

Mike Hoke has doubled his pleasure on a couple of occasions this year with HouseHunt leads, as twice in a 45-day period he found a buyer a new home and picked up their listing and sold that home, too.

“You guys are the only lead service I will use,” Hoke said about HouseHunt. “I’ve tried them all, and yours is the only one I’ve found to be effective.”

Hoke, who operates California Sunset Realty in Riverside with his wife, Nancy, has been with HouseHunt for 18 months. His pleasure with the company is threefold.

“I like the fact that it’s a flat rate, rather than a per-lead system,” Hoke said. “I also love the TIM system, where you automatically follow up on leads. And you guys are so easy to work with. I’m very satisfied.”

Hoke, who has had the Lake Elsinore territory since he started with HouseHunt, recently added Mira Loma and Horse Thief Canyon to the mix.

“The system works,” he said. “I’m sticking with it, no doubt.”

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