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Month: July 2010

The “Do’s” of Online Customer Conversion – A Checklist

By Jim Droz

Welcome to the second part of our two part series covering HouseHunt’s Online Customer Conversion Checklist.

On tuesday, I covered all of the “don’ts” as it applies to closing online customers, and today I’m going to share with you a list of all things you should do beginning at the moment you receive your online lead.

Immediately after receiving a lead (Key to Immediate Sales):

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Online Customer Conversion Checklist Part 1 – The Don’ts

By Jim Droz

Welcome to the first of a two part series on’s Checklist for Internet Lead Conversion. Specifically, we’re going to focus on the do’s and don’ts.

Today we’re going to look at a list of don’ts, so make sure to come back tomorrow for all the “do’s.”

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to create an incredible Internet Business – Remember: An Internet customer is not a piece of paper or an email, it is an actual person. Never forget that.

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Patience Pays Off for Agent in Minnesota

By Jaime Westman

How poor are they who have not patience!

– William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616)

A good thing is always worth the wait. Especially when it comes to a business investment that is sure to bring legitimate growth and profit.

A few months ago, Larry Boatman of Keller Williams Integrity Realty, made the decision to invest in his business by choosing to become a exclusive member. Right away, the customers began to roll in rather quickly, but the natural buying cycle was playing a role as well.

However, Larry knew HouseHunt was a good move in the long-term and remained patient and persistent. One week ago, Larry contacted HouseHunt with some great news.

“We did it!” Larry said. “First HouseHunt lead closed. Next one is set for August 12th.”

Of course, a sale is always something to celebrate, but Larry is also excited and optimistic because his pipeline of customers has grown significantly over the recent months as well. Larry has now placed himself in a prime position to enjoy even more success over the coming months.

His hard work and patience have created big opportunities, which will in turn create big profits, and in the process has become a prime example of patience paying off…literally!

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