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Month: May 2010

Holding An Effective Open House

By Jim Droz

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

If you want to close more sales, you need more customers.

To get more customers, you must introduce your product, yourself, to more people.

A successful real estate career is that simple.

You don’t have to be an Einstein to thrive in our industry. If your career isn’t turning out as well as you would like, product introduction is most likely the source of the problem.

In today’s real estate environment, there is an incredible reliance on electronic methods. For example, there are literally millions of websites available to the consumer; so many in fact, the effectiveness of any one site has become diluted unless an agent is involved with a service like HouseHunt, where there is a level of exclusivity, a complete dependence on the Internet for one’s success is not likely to succeed at all.

While it’s become necessary to adapt your business to the Internet, it’s just as important not to forget some of the more traditional methods of meeting people:

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Agent Enjoys More Buyers and Big Sales from

By Jaime Westman

I wanted to take a moment to share some news of Broker associate Brenda Schofield, who is also an exclusive member agent with representing multiple communities in the Holmdel, NJ area.

Like so many of our members, Brenda is very busy and very happy about her increased sales activity. She is also excited to be working with multiple buyers who are in the million dollar plus range.

“We closed the million and a half sale in Colts Neck in February,” Brenda said, “and recently closed another in Howell for $285,000.”

By plugging into the consistent pipeline of buyers and sellers generated from her areas, Brenda has created a large number of new sales opportunities.

“We are now working with five customers we recently received from our HouseHunt websites,” she said. “Their price range is between $400,000 and $20 million dollars.”

Like every other successful HouseHunt member, Brenda makes a habit of immediately contacts all of her customers and utilizes our follow up system to create consistent contact with them. The combination is powerful and very profitable for Brenda who is very happy to be part of the HouseHunt network of agents.

“You guys are wonderful,” Brenda said.

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