It costs more to find new clients than keep existing ones, but how exactly do you get people to stick around? Here are 14 ways to build client loyalty. By following these tips you won’t only foster client loyalty, you’ll keep future sales prospects in your funnel and referrals flowing your way.

Client loyalty

  1. Hold Informational Seminars: This is a great way to offer value to your clients before they even become clients. Hold monthly or bi-monthly seminars on all things real estate related. You can hold informational sessions on topics including first time home buying, selling a house, homeownership, home staging, obtaining a mortgage, and more.
  2. Send Monthly Newsletters: Continue to educate your past clients about the real estate industry. As homeowners, there are topics they should be informed of, like the failure of the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Relief Act to pass in 2014, or certain tax breaks for homeowners.
  3. Send Quarterly Magazines: A great way to keep clients updated on the local market trends is to conduct quarterly market condition reports and include them in a quarterly magazine. The magazine can be as robust or minimal as desired, and can include articles pertaining to real estate as well as home-keeping tips.
  4. Host Client Appreciation Parties: We’ve written about client appreciation parties in a previous post, but love this idea so much we’ll share some tips again. Whether it be a catered dinner, holiday themed event at the community center, picnic, barbeque, or bowling night, client appreciation parties are great ways to catch up and nurture relationships.
  5. Give Holiday Treats: Speaking of the holidays, they’re a great time to let clients know you’re still around for any of their real estate needs. Check out our Halloween, fall, holiday, New Year’s, and Easter marketing ideas for agents; they provide great ideas for seasonal treats for your loyal clients.
  6. Wish Them a Happy Birthday: Remembering someone’s birthday or home purchase anniversary means a lot, so make sure to send birthday wishes or congratulations when they’re due.
  7. Hand Write Thank You Cards: Handwritten cards are hard to come by these days, so make sure to incorporate this element into your client retention program. Did you appreciate someone’s business? Did you receive a referral from a past client? Thank them with a handwritten thank you card.
  8. Hand Out Client Satisfaction Surveys: Right after you finish working with a client, ask him/her to fill out a client satisfaction survey. This will give you feedback on your process, and let you know what you can do differently during your next transaction. You can go the old paper route for surveys or check out Client Heartbeat for digital surveys with graphs and charts.
  9. Conduct Quarterly Phone Check Ups: Follow up quarterly with your top clients. Ask if they have any questions for you and how you can be of assistance to them at this point in the process. By checking in, you’ll stay top of mind.
  10. Offer a Homeowner’s Check Up: A few months after your client purchases a home, offer to do a homeowner’s check up. During this visit, you can address any issues they have with the home, update them on the local market, review their mortgage, etc.
  11. Connect on Social Media: Connect with your clients on social media platforms on which you are active professionally. Being connected through social media outlets will give you a more intimate idea of special events in clients’ lives, and let you know the best time and place to contact them.
  12. Give Recommendations: Provide clients with solid recommendations for local business owners and other professional services, whether they need their carpeting replaced or a plumber called. Such recommendations will not only make you a trusted resource, it will solidify your professional networking with these local business owners.
  13. Have an FAQ Section on Your Website: Every Realtor gets asked the same questions multiple times. Instead of answering each one individually via email, why not refer clients to your website? This will also be a great resource for prospective buyers or sellers that happen to land on your page.
  14. Pass on Resources: When you work with clients on something as intimate as finding a home for them to live in, you end up learning a lot about those individuals—their hobbies, industries, taste in décor, etc. Therefore, whenever you come across something that reminds you of a specific client, be it an article, book, website, or an organization, make sure to pass it along. The fact that you remembered something special about the client and took the time to send it to him/her will not soon be forgotten.

Have any other tried and true ways to build client loyalty? Please give us your input in the comments section below!

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