(And Increase Traffic Accordingly…)


Every real estate agent should maintain a blog. But just writing posts isn’t always enough! Here are some free ways to promote your real estate blog and get your resources into the hands of prospects and other professionals!


1. Guest Blog

Use your guest blog to link back to your own site, at least in the ‘About the Author’ section. It’s good for your SEO to have links on other people’s sites. Make your best content your guest blogs because that stuff is how you’re going to reach a new, broader audience.

2. Comment on Other Blogs

Usually when you comment on a blog, your username can link back to your own website. Comments add to the discussion around the real estate industry, and show that you know your stuff.

3. Write Offline

Writing for magazines, newspapers, and other places besides the Internet will allow you to reach an untapped market.

4. Email Marketing

Send some of your prospects blog resources that you think will be helpful. 90% of customers choose email as their preferred method to receive updates from your site.

5. Social Media

15% of customers use social media to search for local business. This is a great place to build reputation and demonstrate knowledge by linking back to your in-depth blogs.

6. Question and Answer Sites

Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are a great place to show your realty authority. Answer questions about real estate by linking back to your blog. Just don’t get spammy!

7. Online Forums

Internet forums (such as Reddit) are intimate online communities. Building ties here can instantly build loyalty toward your brand and your blog.

8. Blog Carnival

Blog carnivals are a post sharing the best blogs around a certain topic. These are a great way to show off your material to people looking specifically for your topics of interest. Find a blog carnival here. 

9. Backlink to Network

In your own blog posts, sprinkle in links to your professional network. Your fellow real estate bloggers will see the love, and then return the favor. And even if they don’t link to you, it will add credibility to your site and boost search engine ranking.

10. Write with SEO in Mind

A lot of the promotion tips listed above are good for your search engine optimization. The best thing you can do to promote your real estate blog, however, is to always keep SEO in mind. Let search engines promote your blog for you by writing content catered to optimization.

We also want to thank our friend Andrew Gale for some of the inspiration for this graphic!

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