Your business is always about networking, and in real estate there are certain contacts agents should have access to at any time! Here’s our list of who to befriend, and of course, why it will help your business.

contacts agents should have


The mortgage process will go smoother if you can direct clients to someone who has worked well in the past.

Home Inspector

The buyer will not likely know any inspectors they feel they can trust.


Because the toilet will inevitably clog fifteen minutes before a showing.

Staging Company

Find someone who shares your vision and can stage homes to sell!


…for all those last minute repairs.


People rarely deep clean everything when they’re trying to focus on a move.

Contractor/ Architect

If your buyers are looking to remodel, have someone who knows the laws and zoning codes of the area.

Landscaper/ Gardener

Don’t forget the benefits of landscaping for curb appeal and resale value.


Feed the masses at broker previews. At the very least, befriend a pizza delivery guy!


Doesn’t have to be a florist, necessarily. But have a contact for good closing gifts.


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