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5 Ways to Improve Your Photography for More Offers

For a real estate agent, pictures can be worth thousands of dollars. Potential property buyers and home buyers now turn to the Internet to find listings, so it’s important that photos of the property make a great first impression.

With advancements in camera technology, agents no longer have to hire high-dollar photographers to do the job. If your pictures are appealing, realistic and professional, your chances of catching the eye of buyers are exponentially higher.

Remember the following five tips as you begin photographing your listing.

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5 Vendors Good Real Estate Agents Keep Handy

“One afternoon in a sales training seminar, the speaker wrote OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE on the board.  It was meant to remind us to view the words one of two ways: either Opportunity is Now Here or Opportunity is Nowhere.  An astute salesperson, especially in residential real estate sales, knows to keep their ears and eyes open for opportunity while others are more comfortable in finding reasons they aren’t successful.  When you fill your pipeline with prospective “opportunities,”  it helps to think outside of the box.

One often overlooked strategy for residential salespeople (but used quite often in commercial real estate and property management) is to partner with vendors  outside of your direct industry.   Here are the five vendors  a good real estate agent should have handy and that can refer business to you in return:

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PR Web Release: HouseHunt Launches Redesigned Website Featuring New “Plus Tool”


HouseHunt Launches Redesigned Website Featuring New “Plus Tool”

President of HouseHunt, Inc. Michael Bearden launched the completely redesigned real estate listing search website featuring new resources and tools to make searching online homes for sale a breeze.

HouseHunt, Inc. announced today the launching of its completely redesigned and content rich website, incorporating several new tools including

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How Successful Will You Be in Real Estate?

Picture the most successful real estate agent in your area… What are they wearing?  How do they act? When you picture the most successful agent in your area, is it you?  If not, then what does that person have  or what do they do that has made them more successful than you?  Can it be taught?

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Bull in a China Shop: Is Your Real Estate Business Unbreakable?

Bull in a China Shoppe                      Remember Annette Bening’s portrayal of a real estate agent in American Beauty (1999)?  Bening’s over-the-top, Type A character Carolyn Burnham is mesmerized by the Real Estate King – Buddy Kane (Peter Gallagher) and goes near berserk cleaning a home she is determined to sell.  Seemingly unbreakable in her quest to achieve Kane-level success, Burnham repeatedly chants “I-Will-Sell-This-House-Today.”  Later, we see a broken Burnham who is both unable to sell the home, and ashamed of her own loss of composure.  As entertaining as she was in this role, it was frighteningly true.

What is it that causes real estate salespeople to get locked in a frenzy of determination and fear?

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