10 Things Real Estate Agents Hate to Hear


There are a few things a client can say that will make you cringe every time. Here is our list of the top 10 things real estate agents hate to hear from their clients, with some suggestions on how you can appropriately respond. We’ve also included a gif so that you know someone else has felt your frustrations!

Special thanks to Bill Gassett and Elizabeth Newlin for the inspiration for this list.

1.  “No, I haven’t been pre-approved. Can we see this property anyway?”

The truth is, helping someone out with one favor isn’t that big a deal. But make it clear on that first viewing that it can’t become a habit. List all the benefits of getting pre-approved (creates a budget, peace of mind, etc.) and explain that you will line up a lot of great showings after that step.

Real Estate Agents Hate 1

2.  “Well I called the listing agent…”

This is annoying because it feels like the client went behind your back a little bit. Plus, they aren’t realty-savvy enough to optimize those calls. The best thing to do here is explain that you want to make the process as easy as possible, so you can be their one-stop-shop for all things real estate. They don’t need to (and better not!) be calling other agents.

Real Estate Agents Hate 2

3.  “I know I’m approved for x amount, but can we go check out this house that costs y?”

No you can’t see a house $100,000 dollars out of your price range! That’s why you got the pre-approval in the first place. Try to make it clear that you can find a home that meets all of their desires within their price range, and it won’t do anyone any good to waste time looking at something else.

Real Estate Agents Hate 3

4.  “Let’s offer this significantly lower figure, and see if they bite.”

This one has to be a firm no from you. Say that low-ball offers are offensive, will be ignored for the sheer fact that they seem insulting, and will hurt your reputation as an agent.

Real Estate Agents Hate 4

5.  “I can make an offer with the contingency that I sell my home.”

Make it clear than an offer with a major contingency is basically not an offer; it’s a hypothetical situation. A contingency about a cracked window or loose door handle is reasonable. A contingency about selling an entire other property is absurd.

Real Estate Agents Hate 5

6.  “Is your commission negotiable?”

The truth is you should just say no to this question; your commission is set at the industry standard. But if you want to have some fun with it, just let them know you can lower your commission if they lower their expectations out of you.

Realtors Hate 6

7.  “What are the ‘good’ places to live?”

What does this question even mean? Are they concerned about school districts, crime rates, something else entirely? Is this a racially fueled question? You have to counter this question with another question. “What are you looking for? What are your priorities? What are your top concerns?” Also, if does turn out to be a race (or any minority) charged question, just refer them to the crummiest agent you know.

Real Estate Agents Hate 7

8.  “Maybe I’ll just rent instead. Can you help me find a place to rent?”

This is a judgment call. Can you help? Sure. Should you? Probably not. It cuts your commission considerably and is outside your realm of expertise. If you need the cash, however – or just really want to help that particular client – then you can obviously make a rental property happen.

Realtors Hate 8

9.  “My [insert relative] says, …”

Make it look like you’ll consider what the person is saying. But the truth is, so-and-so’s dad isn’t a real estate agent, and he needs to hush. At the end of the day, you know what you’re doing better than any third party. Be confident in yourself, and your clients will be confident, as well.

Realtors Hate 9

10. “We’re actually going to go with an agent we met at an open house.”

Feel free to spiral into a blind rage.

Or, more appropriately, assure them of the perks you could have offered that set you apart, hope they’ll reconsider, and gracefully step aside so as not to burn any bridges.

realtors hate 91

Did we miss any? What other questions do you hate to hear? Let us know in the comments below!

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Real Estate Agent Relationships [Infographic]

Whether you are working with buyers or sellers, here’s a look at the real estate agent relationships with their clients. This will help you connect with all your prospects.


22% of sellers use an agent they have worked with prior
38% of sellers use a real estate agent who was referred to them by a friend or family member

12% of buyers use an agent they have worked with before
40% of buyers use a real estate agent who was referred to them by a friend or family member

20% of sellers say the most important role of an agent is to sell the listing in a specific time-frame
53% of buyers say the most important role of an agent is to help find the best listing for their desires and budget

70% of sellers hire the first agent they interview
66% of buyers hire the first agent they interview

83% of sellers say they would refer and reuse their realty agent
91% of homes are listed on the MLS for the seller

Much of this information comes from the 2014 NAR Buyer & Seller Profile.

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The Magic of Social Media: 5 Overlooked Ways to Connect with Clients


Usually real estate agents love social media because it gives you a chance to blast your image all over the Internet. Whether it’s helpful content marketing, new listings, or success stories, the Internet is a great place to reach a lot of people in not a lot of time. The true magic of social media, however, lies in the more one on one ways to connect with clients.

Below are 5 ways to cultivate that 1:1 connection that most of your competition overlooks (or doesn’t even know about). Did you know clients who interact personally with you on social media ultimately spend 20-40% more on their purchase? Grow your business and your paychecks with these helpful tips about the magic of social media!

magic of social media connect with clients


Twitter Advanced Search

This feature allows you to connect 1:1 with people are not (yet) your clients. You can filter area to only search for people in your community. Then search for phrases or hashtags indicative of someone on the move. Then reach out in a non-pushy, non-creepy way. A simple tweet such as, “If you need any help finding your next home, I’d love for you to check out the listings posted on my site!” will work wonders.



 Facebook Birthdays

We can all agree that Facebook is helpful for remembering the birthdays of our friends and family. Seriously, what did people do before that reminder from Facebook? But when you see a client or potential client pop up with a birthday, don’t just write on their timeline a happy birthday wish. Pick up the phone and call them. It’ll take ten seconds and will stick with them for at least a year, when you’ll have the opportunity to do it again!


LinkedIn Endorsements

Always connect with your clients on LinkedIn. This is overlooked by a lot of agents, but makes sense. Some clients may not want to be your BFF right away and put your in their Facebook streams or Twitter timelines. However, since you are a business partner in their real estate endeavors, they may be more inclined to connect over LinkedIn. You can publish original content here, market your blog, and list all your qualifications and accolades. If any clients were on the fence, your stunning LinkedIn profile will convinced them you’re the best wo/man for the job!

Once you’ve connected on LinkedIn, endorse skills for your clients that will be helpful for their career. If you know they work in technology, endorse some relevant technological assets online. Odds are, they’ll endorse you back, serving as a quick and painless referral/success story. And if the client doesn’t return the endorsement favor? Ask for it! There’s nothing wrong with asking them to click a button after you’ve helped them land their dream home!


Skype Your Supporters

Skype, or any similar video conference tool (Facebook Chat, Google+ Hangouts, etc.) is a convenient way to get that 1:1 connection with prospects you’ve interacted with. More importantly, it’s a great way to network. When you see another company or Realtor interacting with you a lot on social media, take time to video them a quick thank you. It’s a lot more personal than a “TY for the RT” message (which we’ve gotten plenty of!), and it will ensure a long lasting professional relationship.


Market According to Dialogue

Once you’ve done all the four steps above, you’re ready to bring it home (literally… a new home!). After connecting with prospects and your referral network so intimately, you know exactly what resources they need. If you have a client who isn’t sure if they’re financially ready to purchase, send them a relevant resource. If you notice a trend of clients who are anxious about moving with their pets, write some blogs that they’ll find useful.

This is biggest and most important step to making that 1:1 magic connection. When your customer and network is not only treating like their special, but they have tailored content and resources to help them out, they will become your biggest advocate.

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Best and Worst Times to Sell a House


As a real estate agent, you hear time and time again – starting before you even have your license – that the spring season is the best time of year to sell a property. You’ve probably conveyed this idea to your clients. That’s why we have to publish stories about how fall and winter are still good times to sell – just to keep the market from stalling out entirely!


Well… a new study indicates that conventional wisdom about success in the springtime isn’t as straightforward as we’ve believed.


Sure, spring months have plenty of active buyers and sellers. Business probably appears to be booming for you as an agent. But those months are actually some of the worst times for your customers.


This new survey was conducted by SmartZip and Inman Select. It looked at seller statistics over the last five years with a focus on days on the market and final versus asking price ratio. First, they published the following infographic to show the worst month (by state) to sell your real estate:





Following that, they released a look at the best months to sell a home. These are the months with the shortest time on the market and the best offers.


Best times to sell a house




So why the stark difference to what we’ve come to expect in the industry?


Usually, the spring marketplace is full with buyers and sellers, so buyer demand is negated by a steady supply of options to buy. When buyers have more homes to choose from, homes can stay on the market for longer and end up selling for less.


The infographics also show that certain markets benefit at certain times. Warmer states have an advantage in the fall and winter months. Sellers seem to grow stagnant when there’s snow on the ground outside your open house.


Nationwide, the worst times to sell a house are around March. The national peak is in October.

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ABCs of Customer Service [Infographic]


Here are all the stats and secrets you need for superior customer service in real estate-



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