How to Share Bad News with a Client


How you go about giving a client bad news about the home-buying process can be tricky. However, there are some ways that you should share bad news with a client and there are some ways you should steer clear from. Depending on how good or bad you believe the news is, here are some ways you can share bad news with a client.

How to Share Bad News with a Client

Social Media

Do not share bad news with a client via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other form of social media you use to keep in contact with them. An agent should only use social media to post new listings, share insightful information about real estate, network with possible clients, or give their current clients good news about their home-buying process.

Text Messaging

This may be even worse than using social media to give bad news. Never give bad news over a text message! Even if you think it’s minuscule, your client may think you’re unprofessional and just rude for not wanting to talk them through the situation.

How to Share Bad News with a Client



This may be acceptable for sharing certain news with a client. However, do not make it a habit to always share bad news with a client via email. If there is some information about something that has come up in the home-buying process that your client needs to know about, then you should send them an email informing them of such news. Whether it is good or bad, your client needs to know the news if the deal is going through or there is a snag in the process. So email is always a viable option for you to utilize when sharing news with clients.

Over the Phone

Over the phone is an acceptable way for you to share bad news with a client. However, you may get an ear full that you’ll be tempted to click the mute button on once your client hears the bad news. Talking over the phone is more personal and faster than a emailing. When actually talking to the client, you are able to hear their response to all of the news without having to wait for them to read your email and then respond later. By sharing bad news with a client over the phone, you are able to show them that you have courage and are responsible enough to relay the news back to them as soon as you hear it. This way, everyone stays in the loop of the home-buying process.

Share Bad News with Your Client in Person

Telling your client in person is not always easy, but it is the best way share bad news with a client in a professional standpoint. If your client sees you in person, and you sympathize with them, they are more likely going to respect you and understand the situation better than any other form of communication. Sometimes things get misconstrued over the phone or via internet, so telling them in person serves as a great way to share bad news with a client. However, if you know that your client has a temper, it may be best to tell them over the phone to avoid any altercations.

Tips on How to Give Your Client Bad News in Person:

How to Share Bad News with a Client

  • Find the appropriate time to tell them: Do not tell them the bad news in passing. Give a setup as to what the bad news is and how to go about the process.
  • Manage your expectations: If you expect the bad news to anger your client, be prepared to listen to them and assess the problem as you both discuss it.
  • Get to the point: Now don’t go about sharing the problem by masking it in clever stories or nonsense to dance around the real issue. Go out and tell them. You need to be as honest and straightforward with your client as possible when sharing bad news with them.
  • Be sympathetic: If you give your client bad news, you want to be sympathetic towards their feelings. It would be hard for anyone to hear bad news about their real estate plans, so please remember to be kind and understand where they’re coming from.
  • Separate yourself from the news: The bad news is not necessarily going to be your fault. It might not be anyone’s fault. Maybe the client could not get the loan they wanted. Maybe they could not purchase their dream home after all because someone put down an offer and it was immediately accepted. Whatever the bad news is, make sure to separate yourself from it even though you are the one relaying it back to your client.

Whether the news is good or bad, always have your client’s best interest in mind. Even if they are not thrilled with what you tell them, at least you know that you were honest and upfront about their situation. So if you currently have a client in the home-buying process, be sure to always be respectful, courteous, and upfront when you share bad news with them. This way, they will respect you and trust your advice whenever they are ready to move on to the next step.

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All That Junk Inside Yo Trunk [Infographic]

Top 10 Real Estate Agent Necessities


Let’s take a look inside the automobile of a Realtor to see what items one should never be without! These are the 10 biggest real estate agent necessities.

Junk Inside Yo Trunk_Real Estate Agent Necessities


Be prepared to address any last-minute repairs you spot around one of your listings.


Keep yourself presentable for whatever comes up during the workday. Have a toothbrush, deodorant, a comb, lotion, etc.


You need to have your phone, tablet, and any other mobile devices on you in order to get work done efficiently.


No technology will do you any good if your devices are not fully charged. Pick up some tips to keep your mobile device charged here.


Spot clean necessary areas in your listings with a moment’s notice.


Impress clients with a treat for their kids or even their dogs. It shows you value the personal touch! Have lollipops and dog treats on hand at all times.

Nice Clothes

Don’t arrive under-dressed for a last minute meeting.

Marketing Materials

Always be prepared to market yourself or any of your listings with flyers, business cards, etc.

AAA Card

Have some kind of roadside assistance card at the ready in case of an emergency.


Between the hustle and bustle of the day, there will be inevitable downtime. Know how to take advantage of it.

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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer for Real Estate


We all know that good listing photos can make a world of difference when selling a house. Still, many Realtors are too stubborn to hire a professional photographer for real estate photos. We hope this post will encourage you to go the extra mile to hire a pro and move listings faster!

Here’s what basic listing photos look like when a real estate agent takes them versus when a professional takes the pictures. 


This image courtesy of PARealEstatePhoto

First we see the difference a professional photographer can make with an exterior shot! 

This image courtesy of HarryLimPhotoBlog

Then let’s take a look at what professionals can do with an interior shot. They know how to angle photos and achieve perfect lighting. 

This image courtesy of

This makes the space look bigger, brighter, and generally more inviting.


This image courtesy of HarryLimPhotoBlog

Even before beginning the photo shoot, a professional photographer for real estate knows how to stage the space to make it as photogenic as possible! 

This image courtesy of 

Professional photographers also know how to touch up a picture with Photoshop and other premium software before it goes on the MLS.

You can read more about the legal and ethical boundaries of photo editing by clicking here. 

This image courtesy of

Even bathrooms – considered the hardest room to photograph – can be made to look spacious to pique the interest of the potential home-buyer. 

This image courtesy of HarryLimPhotoBlog

So try a professional photographer on your next listing, even if just as a trial run. See if it draws in more interested buyers. The difference it makes could change the way you do business! 

This image courtesy of HarryLimPhotoBlog

Learn more about listing photos by clicking here.

To see what the ActiveRain community says about the merits of listing photos, click here.

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5 Ways to Stay Connected with Past Clients


The time of a real estate agent working with a client often ends when they finish their sale or with helping them buy a home. In most cases, agents become good friends and builds loyalty with their clients. In other cases, agents and clients do not keep in contact with each other after the transaction. We feel like this should change. So here are some awesome ways to stay connected with past clients!

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(If the slideshow is not working on your screen, click here.)

Social Media

You most likely have a social media page, on one or multiple sites, dedicated entirely to your professional, real estate side. However, you may have your own personal page on different sites. If you do, you should make it a habit to always add the clients that you had a pleasant experience with on your personal social media pages. You can always ask them first if they’d like to stay in touch with you via social media.

Send Them Letters

You can always send them letters during the holidays, wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy Halloween, etc., depending on what month it is. You can also make note of when their birthdays are. Sending them a letter that wishes them a happy birthday is a great way to show that you think about your clients individually.

Send Them Gifts

Sending a small gift is always a nice thing for your client to receive in the mail! Whether it’s a refrigerator magnet with useful cleaning tips, or a gift basket with amazing goodies, gifts make a great impression on past clients! If you send these types of gifts out once a year, you’re bound to get calls from past clients who might need your help in selling their home or with referring you to one of their friends or family members.

Hold a Community Event

Not only is this a great way to see familiar past faces, but you can network with some new prospects as well! Any fun event that you can think of for your community would probably be a great idea. Whether you throw a large picnic with a bounce house for the kids, or organize a pizza dinner at a local restaurant in town, the ideas to get your community together are endless! Just be sure to hand out your business cards to the past and future clients you meet who come to enjoy the event.

Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to stay connected with past clients. The best part is that they’re able to instantly contact you back via your email address! Your newsletter can consist of upcoming listings in their area, information on refinancing or selling their home, and even tips on maintaining their yards. Whatever your topic is for your newsletter, try not to inundate your past clients with too many emails too frequently. This may have the opposite effect of what you want when staying connected with past clients.

How to Consistently Stay Connected with Past Clients

If you want to consistently stay connected with past clients, make it a goal to constantly add their email addresses and phone numbers to a database that you can save their information on. By remembering important events that mean something to your past clients, you can let them know that you care more about them than just the commission. Staying connected with your clients, ensures your future business with them and even places yourself in a position that they tell their friends and family about how great of a real estate agent you are!

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Real Estate Reviews [Infographic]

A Look at the Significance of Realtor Testimonials from Customers


Realtor testimonials make a huge difference to the potential customer. This infographic takes a look at different types of testimonials, how to get them from your best clients, and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.


Testimonials & Reviews Statistics:

  • 89% of customers are influenced by testimonials, making it the most effective marketing tactic
  • 92% of home-buyers begin their home search online 
  • 85% of customers make a point to look at reviews of local businesses
  • 65% of people are more likely to buy from a positively reviewed business
  • 43% would review an agent online even after receiving a recommendation
  • Don’t fear Yelp threats. Studies show an occasional bad review gives online reviews legitimacy. It shows the reviews were not purchased. It also gives you an opportunity to improve your business and respond publicly.

Types of Testimonials:

  • written success stories (good for your blog)
  • reviews for services like Google Reviews, Yelp, etc. (good for public image)
  • images of happy customers in front of their new house or a ‘SOLD’ sign (great for social media!)
  • video testimonials (good for your site)

How to Get Them:

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to ask for online feedback. A lot of real estate agents think, “If I did well, they’ll want to post it online.” Not true! They’re busy moving into their new home. But you’re right, they probably do want to say thank you in some way. This tells them exactly how they can make a difference in your business!

Have standard survey questions lined up after each successful closing. A list of good questions to include in your survey can be found at Placeter. Gather these results with a service like SurveyMonkey.

Apps like Boast and KudoBuzz allow clients to send video or written testimonials at their convenience.

What to Do with Them:

Publicize your good reviews on social media. Share pictures of your satisfied customers (with permission). Social media is a great place to blast your positive feedback.

Have a page on your site just for testimonials. People will look for this page the first time they visit your site. Have a mixture of different types of Realtor testimonials on this page.

Present some of your great feedback in marketing materials and listing interviews. You want people to associate your business with customer satisfaction!

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