Which Clients to Avoid [Infographic]


It’s all about who you work with right? Well, this definitely applies to the real estate world. We have created an infographic so you can know which clients to avoid.
CLIENTS TO AVOID2 Which Clients to Avoid [Infographic]

Know Which Clients to Avoid

You’re least compatible…

Rude Jude- When he walks into a home, he doesn’t act like a guest. He acts like he already owns the place.

Know-It-All-Nick- We love to hate them! Although you know best, Nick thinks he knows more than you.

Dopey Darren- Watch-out for this guy! He insists on sleeping-over before the closing, just to make sure it’s the one.

Negotiating Neal- After the deal has been closed Neal still wants negotiate. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Blamer Brad- If anything goes wrong, Brad is the type of guy that will blame you! Run while you can!

Hopping Harry- This one will use you and abuse you! He will hop from agent to agent. The typical cheater!

Advice From Our Match Maker

How to deal with a difficult relationship

1. Maintain self control

2. Don’t ask threatening questions

3. Listen to the client

4. Acknowledge the problem

5. Don’t argue

6. Apologize

7.Offer a solution

8. Continue being professional

9. Analyze the reason for the clients

10. Set limits on what you can tolerate.

Know more about how to deal with difficult clients

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Real Life Haunted Houses and Real Estate


An unsuspecting family moves to big house to get a fresh start, only to find that their new digs are haunted by spirits. You’ve seen it in everything from Casper the Friendly Ghost to American Horror Story. Crazy as it might sound, that horror cliché might not be too far from the realm of possibility. Most states don’t require disclosure on paranormal activity when selling a property.

If you’re rolling your eyes already, let’s take a look at how even the US Supreme Court acknowledged the reality of haunted houses, and then we’ll look at how they play a role in modern real estate.

Campfire Story

Did you know the US Supreme Court has technically acknowledged the existence of haunted houses? In 1991 a home in Nyack, New York went on the market. Jeffery Stambovsky agreed to purchase the home for $650,000 and paid a down payment of $32,500.

HauntedHouse 250x143 Real Life Haunted Houses and Real Estate

Nyack, NY Haunted Estate via 1000Words1000Days

What Stambovsky didn’t know at the time was that the owner of the Nyack residence, Helen Ackley, had publicly claimed the house was haunted on numerous occasions. She had even written stories about the eerie estate in publications as renowned as Reader’s Digest. Neither Ackley nor her real estate broker made mention of the alleged haunting before a contract was signed.

When Stambovsky found out about the house’s reputation, he demanded that he be released from his contract, insisting that the listing party had not properly disclosed all information. The case ended up in the US Supreme Court.

The decision on the property was that since the seller had informed the public at large about the existence of poltergeists on the premises, she was estopped to deny the existence of spirits at the time of sale. The house was deemed haunted as a matter of law!

As for the rest of that real estate transaction, Stambovsky was able to get out of his contract but was unable to retrieve his down payment. The house eventually sold to a couple and there were no subsequent reports of paranormal activity.

How to Sell a Haunted House

Selling real life haunted houses can be tricky for all the obvious reasons! If you disclose a house is haunted too early, you look crazy. If you don’t disclose it at all, there could be legal ramifications, as seen above. Here is a list of five things to consider if you’re tasked with selling a house with reported paranormal activity.

haunted house moon Real Life Haunted Houses and Real Estate

1.  Look for Alternatives

As the listing agent of a potentially haunted property, your first job is to check for other explanations for seemingly ghostly events. For example, your client may think a ghost is flicking the lightswitches, but you could probably figure out pretty quickly if it’s just some faulty wiring.

2.  Research Disclosure Laws

Most states do not require you to disclose paranormal activity when selling a home. This is why those movie characters always wind up in haunted houses. If the state does require such disclosure, it is lumped in with ‘stigmatized properties.’ Stigmatized property laws are the same ones that require you to disclose if there was a murder or suicide in the home recently, etc. Those disclosures are considered ‘emotional defects,’ and are not usually as damaging to property value as ‘physical defects.’

3. Know When to Speak Up

Regardless of local law, it is usually best to at least mention the possibility of spirits squatting in the house. Any disclosure shortcomings, even if legally acceptable, are damaging to reputation. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court case described above proves that if you fail to disclose something, even in the gray area of paranormal dwellings, the court is likely to side with the unsuspecting buyers.

4.  Have the Home Cleaned

There are services which enable you to hire experts to clean the home of any negative spirits. These people claim to communicate with the dead, and give them the direction and strength to move on from their current residence. Even if you don’t buy any of this nonsense, it could be enough to calm the fears of a tepid buyer!

5.  Hope for the Best

There have been stories of agents who experience paranormal occurrences during their open houses or private showings. These experiences could range from baffling to terrifying. At the point that a haunting affects your prospects, there’s really nothing you can do. Perhaps the best thing to keep in mind is that if you see twins at the end of the hall or ‘REDRUM’ scratched in a mirror, you should probably just drop the listing and get out of there.

Whether you believe in the idea of haunted houses or not, the issue may arise more often than you would expect in real estate. Do a little bit of research so that you know how to address the matter if you should ever come across such a listing. Even if you never have to sell haunted real estate yourself, it’s still kind of fun to look up those stories around Halloween time!

If you’ve ever had a haunted real estate experience, please let us know in the comments! We’d love to help you share your story.

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Positive Perception of Real Estate for First Time since Recession


People have a positive view of the real estate industry for the first time since the burst of the housing bubble in 2007. According to a survey out this month from Gallup, real estate scored a net positive ranking of twelve (12), up thirteen points just from the year prior.

Gallup Positive Perception of Real Estate for First Time since Recession

Net positive rankings were established by assigning point values to 5 different responses of ranging from “very positive” to “very negative.” The negative points are subtracted from the positive total. Over a thousand people were surveyed from all 50 states ranging in age from 18-50.

The banking industry, closely tied to the realty market, experienced an even more drastic improvement year-over-year recently. Banking still ranks lower than real estate overall, though.

This matters for all of the obvious reasons. First, confidence in the industry will increase the number of people willing to make a move. Second, it requires confidence in the market to be able to trust one’s Realtor; a stronger perception of real estate will lead to fewer skeptical or argumentative clients for you!

The Gallup survey patterns indicate that public perception will continue to rise. At the current rate, it’s not unreasonable to assume that public perception of real estate could be back to pre-recession optimism within just two years!

How does public perception correlate with the reality of realty? The national market is certainly strengthening, but perhaps not as quickly as these survey results would indicate. Sales for new housing have increased over the last year, although existing homes tended to sit on the market much longer.

Don’t get too self-assured yet; not everyone loves you, Realtors. In the overall scheme of things, a 12 is still a relatively low net positive ranking. Many industries were polled in the same fashion and the average response was 18. Real estate ranks along public perception with the likes of movie and TV industries. Food service and technology ranked the highest in the survey. Realtors can rest assured, however, that they’re better liked than health care, oil and gas, and federal government, all of which ranked with negative scores.

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6 Tips on How to Stage a Home

By r

We’re all familiar with the saying “it’s all about presentation” right? Well, that definitely comes into play when selling a home. We’ve provided 6 tips on how to stage a home the right way, so your clients are ready to make that offer!

Staging6 6 Tips on How to Stage a Home

6 Tips on How to Stage a Home

1.  Let it Shine – Whether it’s gold or silver add some metallics to the living room to make it look luxurious.

2.  Bright and Right – Smooth, white finish cabinets will modernize a kitchen. It will also brighten up the space.

3.  Make it Pop- Add a pop of color to room to liven it up! Try some blue throw pillows or even candles.

4. Light it Up- Lighting can do so much to a room! Lamps create a warmer ambiance.

5. Go Green or Go Home- “Going green” is a trend in real estate. Clients love to see elements of nature in their home.

6. Mix and DON’T match- Play with different colors and textures. It will add visual interest to a room.


  • In 2013 staged homes sold in 45 days while non-staged homes sold in 102 days.
  • Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds.
  • The average staging investment is between 1% and 3% of the home’s price.
  • Only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a new home.

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5 Secrets to Work Life Balance


Sometimes it seems like a career in real estate make it impossible to keep up with both your business and your personal life. There’s so much to fit into 24 hours! You may be surprised to learn that according to a recent study from GlassDoor, real estate is considered one of the top 20 careers to maintain ‘work life balance.’

Sure, you have clients that need your attention on nights and weekends. You have to maintain professionalism out and about in the community. But you also have the freedom to make your own schedules, set office hours, and prioritize what really matters in life without sacrificing your paycheck!

So how do you strike a perfect work/life balance? We’ve scoured the Web for the best tips on keeping your professional and personal priorities straight. More specifically, we sought advice specifically from and for real estate professionals.

work life balance 5 Secrets to Work Life Balance

1.  Take a “Power Hour”

Tip from RealtorMag

Clear an hour a day to turn off social media, put away your phone, and even shut down e-mail. Knock out those tasks that litter your to-do list. Start with the least enjoyable projects and work your way to the quick, menial chores. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in just one hour of total focus and concentration. This will free you up to focus on the fun parts of the job such as developing relationships (or just taking a guilt-free long lunch with the kids) for the rest of your day.

2. Take Time for Yourself

Tip from Realtor.com

Most people view ‘work life balance’ as something that allows them to prioritize their family and friends without sacrificing career and ambition. But the idea of balance goes so much deeper than that. There should also be a spot in your life for relaxation, working out, and general time to yourself. Jumping straight from a meeting to a family dinner is not balance. If you want to thrive with colleagues and family, you should also take some time to be alone.

3. Focus More on Prospects

Tip from Best Reno Agents

This is imperative! We talk about nurturing your leads all the time on this blog and this is why! The highs and lows of the industry take a toll on agents and brokers. If you want to be a step ahead of the housing market, you should be prospecting at least an hour per (work)day. If you always have leads in the pipeline, you remove the main stressor from your office and can spend more time on your personal life.

4. Leverage Technology Appropriately

Tip from DotLoop

Technology is there to help! You can get organized, delegate responsibilities, cut middle-men in every aspect of your career (and sometimes even your home life) if you properly utilize the technology in your very pocket. We’ve written a list of 55 tools to help your business. We also liked this list of apps that TED Talks staff endorse.

5. Accept Work/Life Balance is NOT Work/Life Separation

Tip from 99u 

People always try to prioritize their lives in list format. Instead of thinking of the arenas in your life as first priority, second priority, etc., view them as intertwining facets that can be sustained simultaneously. View your personal life as “center” rather than “first.” Your own health will always be the focus, even in business-related decisions. For example, if your family knows that they factor into everything you do, they won’t be fazed if you take a business call while you’re out with them.


These are our five favorite tips for work life balance after from our real estate network. If applied, they can give you a fresh perspective on what it means to stay healthy both professionally and personally. What have you found works for YOU? Let us know in the comments below.

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