Real Estate Agents Technology [Infographic]


Based on the National Association of Realtors survey about Realtors and their use of technology, here’s a look at the highlights YOU need to know, in one easy-to-share infographic. Take a look at the ways agents use technology, how it’s applied to mobile devices, social media, and lead generation. Real estate agents technology is constantly changing; here’s how you keep up!


The most types of technology for a real estate agent include: email, cell phone, tablet, contract software such as Docusign, listing databases, social media, customer relation management, and apps for note-taking.

The top reasons agents gave for using technology in their business becasue they want to be able to conduct business wherever they go, and they want to appear tech-savvy to impress customers.

Realtors spend a median of 44% of their time doing business on their mobile devices. Every year agents spend a median of $845 on technology for their business.

94% of agents use mobile devices to communicate with clients.

68% of agents use mobile devices to take and post photos.

62% of agents use mobile devices read industry news.

41% of agents use mobile devices to manage and organize documents.

35% of agents use mobile devices for customer relationship management (CRM).

91% of agents use social media, and 77% are at least “somewhat comfortable” with it. 70% use it for building relationships with customers, 64% use it for marketing and exposure, and 43% use it for prospecting new clients.

Facebook is used by 77% of Realtors, the same as last year. LinkedIn is used by 75%, up slightly from last year. The next most popular social media platforms for real estate professionals are Google+, YouTube, and Twitter.

22% of agents say they get the most leads from their company website. 15% say the most leads come from a personal website. And 10% come from Facebook (no exact stats on other social media platforms).

72% of agents have their own website, and it costs about $761 annually to maintain that site.

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7 Great Real Estate Apps


As a real estate agent, you know that your internet and mobile app usage is crucial to your business. Whether you utilize social media, real estate sale sites, or your email to keep in constant contact with clients, you are always going to want the latest and best real estate apps for your devices. So let’s take a look at some of the best real estate apps out there.

Real Estate Apps1. Slydial

Slydial is a great real estate app that allows you to leave a voice message on someone’s phone without allowing them to answer their phone. This app is great when you don’t want to talk to someone, but you need to have them hear you out. If you’re on the go and want your client to know that important message without going back and forth with them, then slydial is a great real estate app for you to add to your device.

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile]

2. Receipts2go

Receipts2go is an app that allows you to take a photo of your receipt, upload it, and it will save it as an expense report. When it comes time for you to claim your expenses, you can then save your receipts as an expense report PDF or CSV report. You can download it along with Invoices2go, an app that allows you to create invoices. Now who couldn’t use this app for all those client lunches?

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with:  Android, Blackberry, and iPhone]

3. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is an app that allows you to scan many different types of documents to turn them into digital copies. This estate app is great real estate tool if you want to sign a document in pen and send it back via email. Or if you need to make digital copies of some handwritten notes you need to send to a client, Scanner Pro is the app for you. Scan away!

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with: Android and iPhone]

4. eKey

EKey is an app that lets you use your iPhone as your lock-box key. No more remembering where all those darn keys are. With updating and managing the lock boxes being a cinch, you’ll have more time to worry about finding clients than wondering which key to use. Now you can just tap your phone, and you’re in!

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with: Android, Blackberry, and iPhone]

5. 1Password

1Password is an app made specifically for saving passwords. Not only does it save passwords, but it saves auto-fill information so you do not have to constantly type in credit card or personal information when filling out online application. Of course, it is safe and secure, so you can rest easy with saving your personal information. Whether you have five social media accounts that you want to save, or you have 200 passwords to remember, 1Password is a great way to store personal and private information for your online accounts.

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with: Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile]

6. Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator is a real estate app that allows you to calculate the cost of a mortgage. So if your client is interested in knowing what they will have to pay monthly, or if they want to know when they will be done paying off their mortgage, mortgage calculator is a necessary real estate app to have handy.

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with: Android and iPhone]

7. Listings+

Listings+ is a real estate app that every agent should have. With Listings+, you can schedule open houses, message clients about listings they may be interested in, and even notify buyers about overpriced or price-reduced listings. Listings+ is the real estate app that real estate agents should use to stand out from other agents in their area.

Apps for Real Estate Agents

[Downloadable with: iPhone]

By using these apps, you will be able to represent yourself and your clients in the best way possible. Most of these apps are free or very inexpensive, so be sure to try out more than one of them. Now check out some tools to help with digital marketing.

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6 Ways to Market a Listing on a Budget


When you’re on a budget, marketing a listing can be difficult. But it can be done. Even if you cannot afford to put your listing across lots of different websites, you can still get the word out. Here are some awesome ways to market on a budget.

Ways to Market on a Budget

1. Email Marketing List

You should keep in contact with possible buyers for any of the new listings you receive. Keep their contact information stored in a database or pipeline so that you can email them whenever you get a new listing that they may be interested in. This way, you’ll be inexpensively sending out information on your listing to leads who will likely be interested in what you’re selling.

Ways to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Cost efficient. Simple. Fast.]

2. Social Media

91% of Realtors use social media; most share their listings across social media sites. Social media is an amazing way for getting people interested in a home and marketing on a budget. If you have some followers, simply post your listing online, and ask them to tag their friends or reshare the post with whomever they think will be interested in the home. All you have to do is post a picture, share some information about the listing’s location, attach your number, and you have a post ready to be shared online. Tip: be sure to use relevant hashtags to go along with your post (like #newhome or #newlisting).

How to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Free. Will reach lots of people. Possibility of showing their friends.]

3. Farming

Farming is an outdated, old, and useless way to market on a budget nowadays. Right? Wrong. Real estate agents need to understand the possibilities that farming does for them. It differentiates them from all other clients relying only on the internet. It is a way to step out of the office and meet a potential homebuyer directly. It’s a way to send a personal letter, or meet a client in person, and stand out from constant phone calls or emails that people are already used to getting from real estate agents. By going door-to-door and speaking with local neighbors, you are able to find potential buyers throughout the town you work in. Even if they are not interested in selling their home or buying a new one, they may still direct you to a family member or friend who is planning on moving.

How to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Free. Will talk with lots of potential clients. Friendly and differentiating.]

4. Create a Blog

Creating a blog that links to your website is a great way to get buyers interested in your home listing. You do not just have to blog about your new listing and all of its features; you can blog about different topics, like ways to decorate, how to organize your attic, or how to remodel your home. By creating a blog with relevant posts that your potential clients will be interested in, you are giving them an insight as to you as a professional real estate agent and building a sense of trust between you and them.

How to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Free, depending upon what site you use. Fun and interesting. Shows your knowledge as an agent.]

5. Local Media Outlets

Utilize local newspapers to market on a budget by asking them if you can run an ad about your listing. You can always write a press release if you have a newsworthy story about the residence. Perhaps something interesting happened at the home at some time in history or a famous resident lived there. Whatever the reason, your local newspaper should be very accommodating in allowing you to run an ad or story on your listing.

How Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Cost efficient. Reach locals in town directly.]

6. Post Flyers

This idea may seem outdated, but it can work if you do it properly. By printing up an ad and posting it around town, you’ll get some residents who may just want to move homes but stay in the same area. Make sure to use some high quality pictures, contact information, and accurate pricing. By putting your flyer in a busy location in the city, you should get lots of calls and offers on the property in no time.

Ways to Market on a Budget

















[Efficiency: Free. Simple. Easy.]

By using some of these tips to market your listing, you’ll find a potential buyer in no time. Be sure to get the word out about your listing in as many ways as you can so that buyers gain interest. So whether you’re a first-year agent or you’ve been selling homes for the past 20 years, you can be sure to sell your next listing by trying a few of these ways to market on a budget.

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10 Free Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Blog [Infographic]

(And Increase Traffic Accordingly…)


Every real estate agent should maintain a blog. But just writing posts isn’t always enough! Here are some free ways to promote your real estate blog and get your resources into the hands of prospects and other professionals!


1. Guest Blog

Use your guest blog to link back to your own site, at least in the ‘About the Author’ section. It’s good for your SEO to have links on other people’s sites. Make your best content your guest blogs because that stuff is how you’re going to reach a new, broader audience.

2. Comment on Other Blogs

Usually when you comment on a blog, your username can link back to your own website. Comments add to the discussion around the real estate industry, and show that you know your stuff.

3. Write Offline

Writing for magazines, newspapers, and other places besides the Internet will allow you to reach an untapped market.

4. Email Marketing

Send some of your prospects blog resources that you think will be helpful. 90% of customers choose email as their preferred method to receive updates from your site.

5. Social Media

15% of customers use social media to search for local business. This is a great place to build reputation and demonstrate knowledge by linking back to your in-depth blogs.

6. Question and Answer Sites

Sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are a great place to show your realty authority. Answer questions about real estate by linking back to your blog. Just don’t get spammy!

7. Online Forums

Internet forums (such as Reddit) are intimate online communities. Building ties here can instantly build loyalty toward your brand and your blog.

8. Blog Carnival

Blog carnivals are a post sharing the best blogs around a certain topic. These are a great way to show off your material to people looking specifically for your topics of interest. Find a blog carnival here. 

9. Backlink to Network

In your own blog posts, sprinkle in links to your professional network. Your fellow real estate bloggers will see the love, and then return the favor. And even if they don’t link to you, it will add credibility to your site and boost search engine ranking.

10. Write with SEO in Mind

A lot of the promotion tips listed above are good for your search engine optimization. The best thing you can do to promote your real estate blog, however, is to always keep SEO in mind. Let search engines promote your blog for you by writing content catered to optimization.

 We also want to thank our friend Andrew Gale for some of the inspiration for this graphic!

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6 Ways to Work with an Unruly Client


As a real estate agent, you know when a client is going to be mad, happy, sad, or excited about some news coming their way. Whether it is good or bad, it is your job to tell them about all of the proceedings with the sale of their home, home purchase, or any and all paperwork that needs to be completed. Since most people do not understand the escrow process, you’re going to deal with lots of clients’ headaches as well as your own.

However, there are times when you are just fed up with an unruly client. Since 1/5 sellers are unhappy with their real estate agent, here are some ways, other than firing, that you can deal with an unruly client who you should have avoided in the first place.

How to Work With an Unruly Client

1. Visualize Being Somewhere Peaceful

How to Work With an Unruly Client

When you need to learn ways to work with an unruly client, the first thing you should do is think peaceful thoughts. If you’re at your client’s house, try visualizing being at the beach. If you’re sitting in a chair, pretend that you’re sitting on the sand at a nice beach somewhere. If that doesn’t work, just imagine that you are at home on your own couch. Whatever you do, just visualize being somewhere else to alleviate the stress your client causes you. However, make sure to listen whenever you and the client are moving forward with transactions.

You can also try breathing exercises and slowly repeating calming phrases to yourself like: “Relax,” “Slow Down,” and “Take It Easy.”

2. Utilize Better Communication Skills

How to Work With an Unruly Client

This is probably the best tip to use when dealing with unruly clients or people in general. By saying things like, “I understand that you’re upset, but let me help you by . . .” or “I see how this makes you feel. What can we do to fix the problem?” By using kind and caring phraseology to help question and understand the client you’re speaking with, you will see a major change in the way a client responds to you.





3. Apologize Gracefully to Your Client

How to Work With an Unruly Client

Under the event that you did something wrong, it is your duty to apologize to your client. No matter how big or small, some clients may grow angry over something that someone else couldn’t care less about. So it is your job to ease the client’s anger by doing your best to apologize to them for whatever mistakes you made—even if they were minor and/or not your fault.









4. Sympathize with Your Client

How to Work With an Unruly Client

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Think what it must be like for someone who is buying a home for the first time, and they know nothing about the real estate world. Everything involved with the process of buying a home is going to overwhelm them, so try your best to understand where they’re coming from.







5. Don’t Take it Personally

How to Work With an Unruly Client

This is a no-brainer. Don’t take anything that your client says personal. When they are mad, simply listen, and let it brush off your shoulder.










6. Find a Solution

How to Work With an Unruly Client

This is the most important part of dealing with an angry or irate client. Find a solution through all of the arguing. Even if it is a small solution that will only be short term, you need to find something that will allow you both to see the light at the end of the tunnel: buying a home or selling one.







If you find that you are growing exhausted and frustrated with trying ways to work with an unruly client, then you can always fire them as a last resort. Now firing a client is not something to be taken lightly. Be sure that if you do decide to tell your client that you both should go separate ways, that they accept walking away from an agreement with you as their real estate agent.

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